My NEW Book! CLEAR Leadership Released Today!

Woo! It’s Finally here! CLEAR Leadership Available NOW! After a long, long year of research, reflection and writing and constant re-writing and editing – it’s FINALLY done! Whew. It’s been a long road to getting my first ever book published.  My ever patient wife and endless amounts of black coffee got me to the finish […]

Smile or Die: The Dark Side of Positive Thinking

This powerful and sobering animated short was taken from RSA’s YouTube channel.  Consider subscribing to their channel for all kinds of thought provoking goodness. The narrator in this clip is Barbara Ehrenreich, a political activist, award winning essayist, author of over 21 books, and all round bad ass lady.  She exposes the nonsense and hardships […]

Leadership is Not Magic: 5 Quick and Effective Ways to Build Influence

“Leadership is the art of building influence with other human beings.  If you have done it right and done it well you can then leverage that influence to gather followers naturally.” 1. Lead from the Front Leading your team from the front means setting a good example by doing the hard work alongside your troops.  […]