Power Games: Who has the real power at work?

I have recently switched jobs from working in a fast paced high stress cafe to one working in a warehouse filling customer orders, buildings skids and shipping out packages. While very different in scope and actual work performed one thing has remained the same – and that is the power of success rests on the […]

The Surprising Science of Motivation

Another RSA Animated short about Dan Pink’s talk on the science of Motivation.  Surprise, surprise! Turns out people are less motivated by wealth fame and fortune than they are by autonomy, mastery and purpose. The truth behind the surprising science of motivation is not so surprising when you think about it. People want more about […]

Smile or Die: The Dark Side of Positive Thinking

This powerful and sobering animated short was taken from RSA’s YouTube channel.  Consider subscribing to their channel for all kinds of thought provoking goodness. The narrator in this clip is Barbara Ehrenreich, a political activist, award winning essayist, author of over 21 books, and all round bad ass lady.  She exposes the nonsense and hardships […]

Leadership is Not Magic: 5 Quick and Effective Ways to Build Influence

“Leadership is the art of building influence with other human beings.  If you have done it right and done it well you can then leverage that influence to gather followers naturally.” 1. Lead from the Front Leading your team from the front means setting a good example by doing the hard work alongside your troops.  […]