Power Games: Who has the real power at work?

I have recently switched jobs from working in a fast paced high stress cafe to one working in a warehouse filling customer orders, buildings skids and shipping out packages.

While very different in scope and actual work performed one thing has remained the same – and that is the power of success rests on the shoulders of the average worker. There is one common aspect between both roles and that is the last few feet where the interactions between the employee and customer make or break the longevity of the brand.

The worker, the front line staff member – is the who does the actual brunt of the job is the real power player. As in, they shape the success of the company and its long term viability as a brand. The micro interactions of the worker and the customer shape the relationship a customer has to the brand.

Power in this case, is the power of brand sustainability and trust between company and their customer.

The worker is the key component in all of the theory behind the company’s goal to stay profitable. Companies that have strong relationships with their customers have a healthy relationship with their employees. All great bonds are based on mutual trust. If trust begins to erode, so to the relationship.

Trust is built through time and demonstrations of intent. Intent is best done through actions rather than words.

So, the company that demonstrates their positive intent by taking real action to benefit their employees will see a return in the form of increased profits and also brand sustainability in a marketplace wracked by volatility.

Ideas, plans and ploys are nothing without the people to carry them out. Do not mistreat your employees. Pay them well and honor their contribution. They will in turn honor you and value you as their employer by doing their best each day not because they must, but because they want to.

That is sustainability.

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