My NEW Book! CLEAR Leadership Released Today!

Woo! It’s Finally here! CLEAR Leadership Available NOW!

After a long, long year of research, reflection and writing and constant re-writing and editing – it’s FINALLY done!


It’s been a long road to getting my first ever book published.  My ever patient wife and endless amounts of black coffee got me to the finish line.

It’s also been a deeply therapeutic journey for me as I have been wanting to write a book like this for a very long time.  In many ways this book has been banging around inside my head for a while, it just needed to be let out.  My co-workers have probably gotten pretty tired hearing me rant about my latest findings from hours of late night research from everything I have been reading when I should have been sleeping. (Thanks guys for putting up with me and my rambling!)

This book is part leadership training, part human relationship training and a sobering hit of the reset button for people who work for a living.   At times I felt this book hit too close to home, which is that working for very little money, long hours, rude customers, high pressure, demanding deadlines all take their toll.

I felt that if more leaders could be a little more human and a little less ‘corporate’ then the world would be a better place to work in.  I have been lucky to work alongside with and for some damn great leaders, and also my more than fair share of terrible ones.

Who is this book for?

This book is for leaders out there who are doing a great job, to remind them they are on the right path even when it’s tough to keep going.  It’s also for those leaders who truly want to do a good job, but don’t quite know where to start.  This book is also for those who want to be a leader and need a blueprint or resource on how to do it right the first time.  I am fully aware that few companies offer any kind of human management training at all, if ever.  Use this book as a guide and resource to understand what makes people tick and how to get them to work for you.

How Can I Buy Your Book?

My book is available right now on Amazon either as an e-book or paperback (for those old school book readers out there)

Thanks in advance for supporting me and my dream of becoming a full time author!


Thanks again to all those that supported me along the way and a special shout out to my wife Shannon who has been incredibly patient, understanding and sounding board for all my rants and ideas for this book (even when she didn’t want to!)


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