Leadership is Not Magic: 5 Quick and Effective Ways to Build Influence

“Leadership is the art of building influence with other human beings.  If you have done it right and done it well you can then leverage that influence to gather followers naturally.”

1. Lead from the Front

Leading your team from the front means setting a good example by doing the hard work alongside your troops.  Get out there; leave the office and pitch in.   No one respects a general who leads soldiers into battle from their comfy tent.

2. Hierarchy is Dead

Flat hierarchies work best when egos have been left at the door.  In these flexible and robust systems, people can get to work instead of plotting how to climb the company ladder.  Traditional hierarchies promote jealousy, resentment, and lower efficiency.  If you are serious about being a great leader, forget everything you know about titles and hierarchy and get to work helping your team succeed.

3. Stay Cool

Stay cool and calm under pressure.  Easier said than done for most, but essential if you are to build rapport with your team.  If they can’t rely on you to keep your wits about you when shit hits the fan, then forget about them ever taking you seriously.  If you find yourself frustrated or angry, blowing up at someone will do nothing but push them away.


4. Keep it Real

Our world is just chock full of fakeness.  Fake news, fake friends, fake science.  Point is, you need to be the one who breaks the trend and reach out to people in a real way – be a person first, and their boss second.  For a lot of you right now reading this, you might think it’s wise to keep your ‘professional distance’, and you are dead wrong.  People today more than ever need someone who shows their true colours and real self in order to build real influence.

5. Trust is Everything

This cannot be stated enough.  After all your ability to influence anyone depends solely on your ability to build and maintain trust in those you are seeking to influence.  Trust is easily broken, so think twice about stepping on someone to get where you are going, it will just backfire in the end.  All relationships live or die based on the mutual respect and trust that is cultivated.



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